Our mission is to enhance the qualities of the product and brand using immersive technologies to create a unique consumer experience, in order to maximize the impact that brands have on their audience through the five senses.

We are a startup specialized in content and digital transformation that accompanies fashion companies in digitization throughout their value chain.




we are

a multidisciplinary team of specialists in communication, strategic marketing and virtual fashion design. We count on highly qualified and creative team capable of taking brands to the next level.

We have a team of artists specialized in virtual, hyper-realistic and animated fashion design, whose purpose is boosting fashion brands in their digitization process with the development of 3D narratives.

your partner for digital solutions

We succeed in generating value through integrated solutions in order to offer you a 360º results-oriented experience. Our services, added to the work of our team, become Marax the ideal partner to perform your digital strategy and produce your 3D / VR / AR content. 


We believe in Virtual Reality as the most innovative approach to build the human digital interactions of tomorrow. VR impacts the fashion industry to offer new shopping and entertainment experiences online. We are the generation that is creating the virtual world. Welcome aboard.

Ideas, trends & inspiration

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